Love Your Summer Workout

Aloha guys!

I know it’s very hot outside and I know that can be your biggest excuse to stop working out but, PLEASE DON’T. I am here to give you some tips and tricks on how to work out even when it’s burning hot;)

What is actually the main and the only problem with the hot weather? It’s so damn hot outside that going outside, not to mention working out outside, can be a struggle.

But let’s look at some ways to regain our motivation, and keep the shape we have or want.

One thing that helps me out a lot is taking a shower before working out. I know it sounds weird (like who the h*** takes a shower before working out , when you have to do the same thing after working out), but trust me guys! Just hop into a cold shower before you go out to train and you will see!

Choosing the location is as well one of the things that you should think about prior going to train. Look for places in the shades, on the mountains or by the river, sea or lake. The place where I train is in the park by the river. When I go in the morning, it’s windy and there is a big shade from the trees. In the evening the breeze comes from the river making the training go smooth even in 30 plus degrees.image1 (1)

The food also plays a big part during these hot summer days. Refuel your body with fruits. Some of them contain more than 80 percent water, and so, fruits such as watermelon, grapes and melon are a healthy and tasty way of refreshing your body and boosting your energy post-workout. I keep them frozen for a refreshing smoothie for my booty:). My favorite post-workout summer option is: Frozen greek yogurt, frozen berries, one scoop vanilla whey protein and voilà. You are now ready to enjoy this perfect treat.

Don’t forget the water guys ! Drink before, during and after exercise. Don’t trust your thirst to tell you how much fluid you need.

I am gone now folks. No excuses right ?! Let’s keep it cool in this hot weather ! You already know what the goal is : “Being and looking hotter than this hot weather ” 🙂

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