The Taste Of Summer

When people ask me what do you like about summer time ? My answer is WATERMELON, WATERMELON AND MORE WATERMELON !Photo Jun 23, 15 55 33

When I was young I thought that asking people if they like watermelon was a silly question, because I thought: Who does not like watermelon? Everyone likes watermelon! Apparently not. Recently I’ve found out that there are people who don’t prefer eating watermelon. That is just weird, isn’t it ?

Anyways, this post is for all the watermelon fans. Come and join me so we can eat this delicious fruit all day and all night during this summer.

I am really curious about how you guys eat or cut the watermelon ?

It was really surprising for me when I a few days ago saw my friend eating watermelon in combination with cheese and bread?!? I was shocked, and I just couldn’t allow myself to try that combo, because…. I just couldn’t. I also heard that some people add salt on it? Well, sure. It may seem weird to salt a sweet fruit, but hey, I guess they just love it that way.

I don’t know… Maybe I am just a simple girl, and I don’t want to change or destroy the already so sweet and delicious taste, hence I won’t add or combine anything with the watermelon. The only thing I can do to this summer fruit is freeze it and make an awesome smoothie that will be a perfect refreshment for these hot days. 2016-02-20 12.12.28

Trust me ….This smoothie tastes so yummy and so naturally sweet that you will crave it after every workout. I am usually making it with fresh, juicy watermelon, which studies have proved can relieve muscle soreness. You can add frozen strawberries or raspberries , which contain carbs to restore your energy, and protein powder to heal that hard-worked booty:)


Don’t forget… These smoothies are perfect for your booties. So let’s blend!

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