Summer Must Haves !

My wardrobe during the summer time looks very colorful and everything I have is light and easy. The most important thing for good shoes is to make you feel like you are walking bare foot. Once you find those kind of shoes, stick to them, and say hello to easy livin’.

Shoes are a very important part of your daily look. Think about it !  They either make or break an outfit.


Luckily this summer I have found my favorite ones, which definitely make my outfit perfect. I am a big fan of Nike. I don’t even look further than their collection of shoes.

Air Max Thea hit the scene this summer with hopes of becoming every girl’s favorite casual shoe. This Joli version forces you to go sockless, which feels like heaven for these warm months. They have geometrically shaped holes cut throughout the shoe giving it a sandal look.

I am already wearing them all day, everyday. Sportish look, casual look, elegant look… They just go perfect with everything. My choice was the golden color, because I just fell in love once I saw them. 2016-06-03 22.33.55

Life is easy with these summer must haves, so make sure you cop when they drop!

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