How Healthy Is Sushi ?

Four years ago , while I was walking down the streets in San Diego I passed by “Nobu”, the worlds most recognized Japanese restaurant. I was a sushi virgin back then, so I decided to get inside and give myself that first sushi experience . Thirty minutes later I couldn’t stop eating, and tasting those sushi rolls. Each type and taste was so different and new for me that I just wanted to stay there and eat sushi for days.

Today, 4 years later, I am a big sushi lover. Together with my boyfriend we eat sushi very often. Sushi is not a common thing here in Skopje, Macedonia, the place I live. We don’t even have a lot of places where you can taste well prepared sushi. But in Russia, where my boyfriend currently lives, there is a sushi restaurant on every corner. I know, sounds surprising, but I guess Russians love sushi. While I was visiting him there, we became even bigger sushi fans.

Anyways, you’ve gotten the point – I am team-sushi. I believe most of you have asked yourselves “Is sushi good for your healthy balanced regime or not? “. Let me make your day by telling you that you don’t have to give up sushi if you’re trying to lose weight.  Even the first time I tried sushi, I knew that they were low-fat food. I could already understand that by noticing the three main components of sushi (fish, rice and vinegar), all weight-loss friendly. Perfect for any healthy regime. I even think that sushi is the best definition of a low-fat meal. But I need to point out that there are good and bad sushi and that it it really depends on what you choose.

Wait…. You didn’t know that there are bad sushi as well?! Well, let me give you some more information about these delicious Japanese friends.

The fish I would suggest you to make a part of your sushi is salmon or tuna, which are both low-calorie and high in protein. So, when you open the menu, and you see all those different choices, go for the salmon/tuna ones.

When you see Nigiri on your menu, don’t doubt at all. It is simply raw fish placed on a small ball of sushi rice, a very simple and low-fat sushi. If Maki gets your attention, let me tell you that these sushi rolls contain something more, besides the rice and fish. They have more calories but are still a part of the low-fat category. Sashimi is the queen of low-calories sushi, because it’s literally just the meat of the fish without any rice or extra ingredients.

My boyfriend, usually eats some really big – in size – rolls, very crunchy and as he says, they are very delicious, BUT! Please don’t be my boyfriend πŸ™‚ Avoid any sushi rolls that have that attractive, fancy look. Remember you will always find image1 (3)them under the name “crunchy”.  They usually contain cream cheese, mayo or fried fillings. It may be that I just spoiled your party, but unfortunately those sushi are the ones that are in the high-calories category. So, next time go for the ones that are simpler. The less fancy the roll, the better πŸ™‚

What about that spicy green paste that they usually put on your sushi plate? I believe that 90% of you think it’s a part of the decoration, or those who have already tried it, regret that moment. Well, let me tell you, that green hot thing is called Wasabi, and it can be very helpful in your weight-loss process.

What about that yellowish/redish thing on the other side of the plate? Did you know that’s ginger! No joke, it’s a real ginger! And please next time, don’t skip it, because it’s perfect for boosting your metabolism and your immune system.

The “veggie rolls” can be boring and are probably not your everyday choice, but sometimes it is good to order them as an addition to your main portion, instead of going for one more 6-piece rolls portion. Also, if you are a vegetarian, you will probably enjoy the veggie rolls, because they contain ingredients like fresh cucumbers, avocados, and sea vegetables.

In the end I will advise you to use your chopsticks. I know that there are some of you who are still trying to master this skill, or some of you already quit trying, but belimage1 (5)ieve me, eating with the chopsticks may help you eat more slowly, which will give your brain enough time to register that your stomach is full, which in turn can help you eat less. You see, these asian sticks can be your secret tool for loosing weight:)

Honestly, I had some days when I was overeating sushi. Just because I really wanted them and because it is very easy to go for a few more – they are so small and you eat them quickly. Before you are aware of it you can have eaten 12 sushi pieces and all of a sudden you realize how full you are. So, take your time, eat slowly and enjoy each piece you eating. They are not made to be eaten in huge portions (although I know some of you could probably smash 20 pieces without even blinking your eyes):)

Appreciate every small sushi piece, it’s all about the attitude when it comes to eating sushi! Learn how to enjoy them, and you become the perfect candidate for team-sushi!

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