In Love With the Coco(nut)

When I hear the word coconut, it reminds me of summer, Hawaii, beach, exotic places, me laying under the shade of a palm tree in the tropics and enjoying this treat.

The smell and the taste of coconut are my favorite things about it, and at the same time it makes my booty smoothies ten times better. image3 (1)

Coconut oil is part of the category known as “superfood” and one of the healthiest foods on the planet! Containing a mixture of fatty acids that can have very positive effects on your health. It boosts your metabolism, and helps you burn calories faster. It really sounds like this miracle thing came right from the heaven. Being this perfectly good, pro-health and anti-everything bad! Kudos to the coconut! It really deserves this post on my blog and it also deserved the 2 hours spent on cracking it !

One interesting thing about the coconut oil is that it can reduce your hunger, and it can help you eat less. I prefer to take one table spoon each morning on an empty stomach, before I eat my breakfast. I believe that it keeps me healthy and happy, so I can call it my hero, without a doubt.

Nowadays it has become a perfect make up remover or hair mask. This exotic fruit is just magical because of all the amazing benefits it has!

What about cooking with this oil? Don’t even think twice! Instead of any oil you use, now the coconut oil can be your everyday cooking ingredient. Omelettes, Muffins, Noodles, Pasta, Smoothies…..

Do you know where the word coconut comes from? “Coco”, means “monkey face”. For real though! This was the name given to this tropical food by some Spanish explorers image1 (9)because of the three holes on the bottom that makes it look like a monkey face. Now you are all probably searching for coconut pictures so you can see if it really has that monkey face. You don’t have to do that, because I already took a pic of my baby coconut monkey.

What about the water that is inside it? It is one of nature’s most refreshing drinks, and nowadays it’s used and sold everywhere in the world. Perfect replacement for your smoothies instead of regular water.

So, let’s be real, to get to this water you need to have some super powers so you can crush and open the coconut. It’s extremely hard! I swear to you, I spent like 2 hours trying to crack  that freaking “monkey face”.

Here is my “super procedure”: First you need to place a screwdriver into the softest hole, so you can take the water out of the coconut. Then you need to use a hammer to hit the middle of the coconut a few times. In the end, give it a sharp forced hit on the hard surface so you can break it into two pieces. Voilà!

image1 (10)I know, it sounds like you need to have a bloody MMA fight, but you will have fun while doing this, I promise(might be your first and last time, I don’t know)

Once you do that , get ready to meet that clear, natural liquid, which actually has a sweet taste. It is tasty, refreshing and also happens to be very healthy for you.

The rest of this magical fruit is known as coconut meat. And If you want to make coconut milk, you should just add water to the already shredded coconut meat. I’ve never done it, but if you want me to try making coconut milk, let me know in the comments, so we can try next time. Until then, I will continue buying it, because I guess it is the smartest way.


Eating the coconut meat is my favorite part. You have to remove the flesh from the shell so you can eat it. At least this part is easier. It is easily removed from the shell. Just take a sharp knife and slide it between the shell and the coconut meat, then lift the meat out of the shell. Voilà! (part 2)

Hey hey, that’s not all!

Don’t throw the coconut shells! Make them be your cute bowls for your next smoothies! Shoot some nice pictures for your Instagram and then, enjoy that perfect treat!image1 (13)

I already did what I just mentioned and it looks super yummy! Here is a little sneak peak of that yummy smoothie recipe I’ll be sharing with you guys very soon.

In the meantime you can check other recipes and yummy smoothies on my Instagram account.



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