Healthy Snack Haul 

I am addicted to shopping. Nope, not shopping for clothes, not even beauty or online shooping, but food shopping. Yes, I love to grocery shop. I am so excited once I get into the food store, that I can spend hours there. Checking, exploring, reading labels, and discovering new healthy things. Today I fulfilled my love of discovering a new healthy store in Perm, Russia. Even though I don’t understand Russian, and they don’t have their labels translated in english, I still felt sure that the things I was buying were super healhy.

The real struggle and the most concering topic nowadays is how to be fit and healthy. And the truth is that all of us want to be fit and healthy, but the reality of it isn’t quite so amazing… Fast food is still a vast problem for a lot of people around.

Well, nobody said it would be easy, but that it is worth it, is a sure thing. Being healthy requires a lot more preparation, dedication and motivation. Also it tends to be more expensive. But that is not an excuse because there are million options out there, affordable and cheap, it is all about the mindset and the creativity in the kitchen. Always arm yourself with a healthy-food shopping list and you will be way ahead of the game!

I have bought a few guilt free treats and tried them out for you.


Goji berries and Guarana89569a88cea36a94f78757ac25bc5c2581ab9c807972616554802bd229cb666b

These energy bars are filled with super powers! No joke, I can feel it instantly after trying even one bite. Goji berry in combination with guarana, sounds super powerful. Guarana extract stimulates the central nervous system, increases physical performance, endurance, activates fat metabolism. It is also really good for those that do long workouts.

Another superpower! Eat it if you are tired and in need of energy and concentration.

Green Coffee


Green coffee is famous for its ability to reduce weight due to chlorogenic acid. The nutrients in this bar activates the metabolism and boosts fat burning. They also stimulate any physical and mental activity, improve the function of the nervous system and strengthen the heart. In this super powerful bar the green coffee is in a combination with figs, cranberries, dried apples and cashew nuts. Sounds yummy! Eat it without feeling guilty and use those super – properties of this product.
Goji berries and Cape Gooseberry


The fruits of physalis mixed with figs, cranberries , dried apples and cashew nuts are super rich in trace elements and organic acids. Frankly, I don’t even know what that means, but it just sounds so powerful, so just eat it and wait for the superpowers:)

I had never heard of this brand before but after trying these bars I will definitely be back for more and would love to know what else they produce. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. I think I need more of these in my life asap.


Coconut Water / Mango

This is the definition of deliciousness my friends. I can dive into this aromatic and tasty flavor of mango combined with coconut water. It tastes amazing and so refreshing.

Ingerdients: 100% Pure Coconut Water, Mango Puree, Vitamin

Coconut Water / Lychee

Honestly this is my first time tasting or seeing this kind of fruit called lychee. I was all in question marks when I saw it on the picture, but I am always up for trying new tastes, especially when I know that they are super healthy.

And no joke guys, only one sip of this drink and you’ll taste how amazing this exotic fruit is. It is a naturally sweet and aromatic fruit. It is small and round with soft fleshy meat underneath.

Ingerdients: 100% Pure Coconut Water, Lychee Juice, Vitamin C

Coconut Water / Pink Guava

Really, Foco?! You are impressing me! You decided to pick up all the exotic, tropical, “not existing” in the real world, yummy fruits, and to combine it with Her Majesty – Pure Coconut Water. Bravo! I am amazed!

Guava is extraordinary good! You can enjoy the taste of the tropics all year round with this Pink Guava drink. It’s yummylicious!


Ingerdients: 100% Pure Coconut Water, Guava Puree, Vitamin C

Coconut Water / Coffee Latte

This last one is my favorite. Coconut water with Coffee Latte! I am speachless! I will break up with my morning espresso for this yummy stuff! No joke!

Foco Coconut Water!!! You have my heart now !

All jokes aside, coconut water, any kind of it, it’s amazing and very healthy for all of you. It has the ability to naturally hydrate and replace fluids and electrolytes lost through work, sport, fitness and other daily activities. So, let’s dive in!

Crunchy Muesli (without sugar)

This is the most difficult part for me in the normal grocery stores. To find muesli, or granola that is really healthy. Toasted vs untoasted? Premium vs plain? “No added sugar”, yet loaded with fruit and honey?  Varity of choices on the wall of mueslis at the supermarket.
I’ve tried them all, and I must admit that this russian granola stole my heart today. I’ve enjoyed this baked crunchy granola for a delicious start to this morning. It has a really healthy, non sugary taste. So say bye bye to the feeling of guilt!

This post is not sponsored, I am just very passionate about eating healthy and I hope this can give you some ideas too!

In the end I have to say something… I am loving my lifestyle guys and I feel so good. I have better skin and more energy…….. If you have any questions about my diet/fitness routine let me know, I will be happy to help.


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