Fall Fig Smoothie

Smoothie Sunday is back! This last week was really cold and we can all feel that the autumn season is already here in town. I am so ready to dive into the snuggle season. It is sad to see summer go, but don’t forget that there is still something magical about fall that makes us look forward to changing, and it also makes me want to stay all day at home in pyjamas snacking on some yummy, healthy treats. That’s why I call it “The Yummy Season”

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It is just full of all the TASTY THINGS FALL has to offer! I mean, are figs considered a “fall thing”? I guess so. They’re still in the markets and I love them … They taste amazing on their own, and they can also be a great, sweet addition to any dessert. But what about fig smoothie?  Plus, yogurt, cinnamon and almonds? Sounds yummy right? Like the perfect cozy treat for this fall! This fig smoothie will definitely satisfy your taste buds and will remind you why autumn is the coziest season of all!

It is creamy and so perfectly sweet, without needing any sweetener at all. You could add some spices like cinnamon if you wish.

Just when I think I can’t love figs any more than I already do!


1/2 cup water
1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt
1 scoop of ice
4 fresh or frozen figs, stems removed and cut in half
1/2 banana
Dash of cinnamon

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