Raw Snickers Bombs

Let’s be real, sometimes you all just want a piece of candy. When I crave something sweet, I always think about something super sweet, like a Snickers bar. But we all have the guilt feeling after eating one of those calorie bombs. Now imagine if I tell you that I have a recipe that has no refined sugar added, no dairy, gluten or flour added and you only need 4 ingredients? All you need is food processor and 10 minutes of your time.

These healthy raw Snickers bombs are made out of coconut butter, dates, crunchy chopped peanuts, and delicious dark chocolate.

They taste a lot like the original Snickers… That might be a lie,  but they are so delicious that will perfectly satisfy your sweet tooth! These bombs also prove that fat free is not flavor free. Trust me, you´ll love the combination of the sweet and bitter chocolate and the crunchy peanuts!

You’re probably thinking that making your own dessert sounds like a lot of work and mess in the kitchen.


The good news is that making homemade raw bombs just got a lot easier.

They’re the perfect go to snack, after-lunch, after-dinner, or, whenever-you-feel-like-treating-yourself sweet!


2 table spoons of coconut butter

10 big dates, pitted

100 grams peanuts

70g raw chocolate or dark chocolate


In a food processor, combine the coconut butter, dates,  and peanuts. Blend for a few minutes. Make sure all the ingredients are evenly blended.

Use your hands or two spoons to make small balls or dollops to place on a cookie sheet.

Carefully melt the chocolate over low heat, you want it melted, but not very hot.

Dip each of the snickers bombs in chocolate, place on a platter, and freeze until set.

Either enjoy immediately or refrigerate until you do!

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