How Healthy Is Sushi ?

Four years ago , while I was walking down the streets in San Diego I passed by "Nobu", the worlds most recognized Japanese restaurant. I was a sushi virgin back then, so I decided to get inside and give myself that first sushi experience . Thirty minutes later I couldn't stop eating, and tasting those sushi... Continue Reading →


Love Or Love To Hate Mondays?

Mondays suck, Mondays are tough , Mondays are pain in the ass....I know, I know all of that, I've heard and experienced all of that. But guys, it's all about the mindset. Let's not hate Monday, let's learn how to appreciate the start of the new week, and let's be productive and positive. The weekend... Continue Reading →

Treat Or Cheat? 

It was a beautiful day and I was walking down the streets of Milano. The smell of pepperoni pizza and the perfect italian gelato was making me go crazy. I couldn't resist the temptation, and decided to have a TREAT! When having a treat, it probably ends up being you and your favorite ice cream,... Continue Reading →

Summer Must Haves !

My wardrobe during the summer time looks very colorful and everything I have is light and easy. The most important thing for good shoes is to make you feel like you are walking bare foot. Once you find those kind of shoes, stick to them, and say hello to easy livin’. Shoes are a very important part of your... Continue Reading →

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