Say HOLA to my GRANOLA cups!

How cute are these breakfast granola cups?! They are super easy to make! Just 6 ingredients, and you can fill them with absolutely anything you want. These cups can easily be made gluten-free by using gluten-free rolled oats, and they are ofcourse totally breakfast approved! I made them in my muffin cups. They’re the perfect size... Continue Reading →

Dragon Fruit Smoothie !

Hey folks, I have an announcement to make. I think I just stepped up my smoothie game with this dragon beauty. Do you see that!? This fruit, called Dragon Fruit, has always caught my eye. My first encounter with this extraordinary thing was one year ago in Dubai(I mean where else can you find a... Continue Reading →

Raspberry Chia Pudding

Hello September!! It's a new month which means new goals and back to school time! So who's ready to get healthy with me? This month is also known as #HealthyAgingMonth,  that's why I decided to share my healthy Raspberry Chia pudding recipe with you. This recipe is awesome because you can make it the night before and therefore enjoy it... Continue Reading →

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