Coconut Almond Date Tart

I am in a fase where everything about dates gets me excited. Wait, not the tinder ones… The sweet little fruit dates!! I came across medjool dates for the first time, last year, on my vacation in Dubai. The hotel and every place I went was overloaded with dates. Every morning and evening the room... Continue Reading →

How To Be A Badass With A Good Ass!

♫♫♫♫ It's all about that butt, bout that butt! ♫♫♫♫ Having a well toned butt can sometimes be equal to winning the lottery(jackpot!). It brings happiness, satisfaction, self confidence and it definitely turns all the heads around you. Basically, you can in one word be defined as a "bad ass" if you own one. First of all, I... Continue Reading →

Summer Must Haves !

My wardrobe during the summer time looks very colorful and everything I have is light and easy. The most important thing for good shoes is to make you feel like you are walking bare foot. Once you find those kind of shoes, stick to them, and say hello to easy livin’. Shoes are a very important part of your... Continue Reading →

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