Winter in Dubai – My second time around

I visited Dubai for the second time in my life. And I am already looking forward to planning the third trip. I must say I enjoyed the experience more this time around. For you who haven’t been to Dubai, it’s such a special city. I've met people who don't really admire the beauty of Dubai, but... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Amaranth Thumbprint Cookies

This is one of those recipes that makes me super sad I’ve never tried it before! It’s so simple and easy! Just one bowl and 20 minutes is all you will need to make these healthy strawberry amaranth thumbprint cookies! I must say that the homemade strawberry chia jam takes this recipe to the next level!... Continue Reading →

Triple Berry Slush

It’s officially summer, which means that most of us probably want to dine outside and drink mojitos. Well, scratch that, because all we SHOULD want to do is make frozen slushies… Just so you know, there is no excuse if your bikini body is STILL under construction. If you have been reading for a while,... Continue Reading →

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